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"Are your children struggling with the Multiplication Tables? Do they find it boring and frustrating?" Now there is a quick and easy way, and best of all: it's FUN!..... Check out our Times Tables FUN Activities area or read on below:


Tilly's Tables is based on 11 fun characters who get into all sorts of situations: colorful illustrations combined with a short story create a number image in your child's imagination making the times tables easy to remember.


Tilly's Tables can help you and your child to achieve greater success learning and remembering the multiplication times tables with minimum effort, and it is ideally suited to middle primary-school-age children, with this system it is just as easy to learn the 7 times tables as it is to learn the five or ten times tables.


Invest in your children’s future and watch as they gain a huge boost in confidence with maths! It works and it’s fun!


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Find out what parents and teachers are saying and how Tilly's Tables can help you How to Teach the Multiplication Tables


The front of each Flash Card displays the multiplication fact, a short story and a image showing the number characters acting out the story. Below is the full equation with the answer and rhyming punch line in bold..


On the reverse side of each card is designed for revision and shows the equation, punch line memory hook and color coded array.


7 x 8 Multiplication flash Card - Front and Back Faces 7 times tables

Thousands of children have already discovered how much fun mathematics can be by learning the basics with Tilly's Tables.


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Tilly's Tables works and it’s fun!


Times tables is fun - well apparently although I am not so sure your average kid would agree. Tilly's Tables reduces the amount of work you need to put into learning the multiplication tables. Our flash card and ebook system is designed using advanced memory techniques to help your chile remember the multiplication tables.






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As a busy mother of two, teacher and author, I have been absolutely thrilled with the concept behind Tilly’s Tables. Each cleverly designed card, ensures maximum opportunity for young minds to connect with learning their times tables, which are so vitally important to all children. Tilly’s Tables are high quality with brilliant characters that children instantly connect with. I highly recommend this system to assist your child in this stage of their development.


Sharon Witt: Mother of 2, Teacher and Author.




Wowee wow wow! We received our cards about two weeks ago and I am simply flabbergasted! My six year old daughter absolutely loves these cards and has quickly and easily mastered the 2 & 3 times tables. It is hard to go slowly, as suggested, but the method works! We love our cards and practice when running errands in the cards or while drifting off to sleep. Thomasin loves it that she knows more than I do! What a great learning tool - we can't wait to introduce them into her first grade class in September! Thank you so much!!!! (M. MacCallum)



Little Tilly Two. Farmer Freda Three Fergus Four the Fisherman Mr Hive Five, the bee keeper Nurse Trixie Six Sally Seven the Sports Star Policeman Ernie Eight Nun Nine Professor One and Robot Zero Stan and Dan the Eleven Gang Mr and Mrs Twelve the Zoo Keepers